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A Discount Coupons Platform Launching September 2020!

Connecting (Reconnecting) Brands & Shoppers with Genuine Discounts

Pssst…. Do you love getting a discount? Love hunting for coupons and finding an amazing deal and looking forward to that instant gratification of getting your item at a special, exclusive price?

And what about that moment when you enter the code and the site rejects your coupon and spits out some weird error messages that makes no sense to you?

Talk about a comedown. Your built up excitement gone just in a matter of seconds!

Fake, leaked, and deceptive coupons hurt brands and customers. They’re almost enough to make customers and brands quit using them altogether.

We want to change that and make coupons fun again for shoppers, deal seekers and brands.

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Our Vision

We want to be the trusted platform of choice for shoppers and deal seekers who are looking for:


• Deep discounts
• Genuine coupons
• A supportive community of like-minded shoppers.


We also want to work with brands and retailers of all sizes to:


• Cost-effectively showcase their offers
• Build their brand trust
• Connect with their chosen customers (exclusively)


That doesn’t sound so hard, right?

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The Qik (but Important) History of Coupons

Coca Cola created the first coupon (no surprise there). They sent exclusive coupons out to preferred customers and magazines. As the internet grew, paper coupons turned into internet coupon codes filled with secret characters. And this is where the problems began.

Coupons are no longer private. They show up anywhere and are available to anyone rather than to a particular group or channel. They get stolen and show up on untrustworthy websites. And these same websites publish other deceptive offers or outsmart the system and outright lie.

These websites can make a lot of money from these strategies. But the brand is left with a damaged image, a hole in their sales reports, and angry customers – who are mostly left with a handful of useless numbers and letters and a major grudge. And when it works, brands lose money because of the unplanned discount and the commission when it’s leaked to a black-hat affiliate website or illegal affiliate ads.

We want to change this broken system and close the loopholes that are letting all this happen. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

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