Create Your Deals Page and Build Your Sneakers

Our AI-enabled deals & coupons tracker platform* (made in Australia), allows you to create your brand's deals page, that deal-sneakers and coupon-hunters can follow to easily keep track of your bona-fide offers, exclusive discounts and valid coupons within their personalised deals-feed in one place. Think of your deals page as a home for your best offers and discounts, using which you can connect with your target deal-audience and acquire new, loyal customers. Post your best offers now and increase your ROI on your discounts.
*Mobile App coming soon

All-in-One Platform to Promote Your Best Offers

SneakQIK addresses the gaps and pain points that brands and deal-seekers face today. We connect brands and shoppers with matching offers and coupons using our AI-enabled algorithmic feed. Here’s what makes us different:

• A highly converting deals page to build your deal-seeking followers, for long-term engagement and targeting.

• Hyper-target your best offers to matching deal-seekers based on their interests and category preferences.

• A purpose-built, trustworthy offers platform that offers a better way to promote your offers.

• Brands can self-serve and keep complete ownership of their page and offers.

• Shoppers can access genuine, valid offers unlike the current search landscape that is filled with fake, spammy coupons.

• Valid offers with correct callouts, unlike other coupon sites. To avail a coupon one has to be a member first.

• Low risk, single-use unique coupons (upload your codes in bulk from excel, like 500 or 1000).

• 35,000+ growing community of deal-seekers and coupon-hunters.

• Promote your QIK deals (comes with a timer) expiring within a few days to supercharge your audience building.

• When our members copy our coupons to avail, we auto-follow them to your brand page (as it signals a strong purchase intent)

• Placements such as newsletter/EDM, homepage banner, boosted posts, FB etc.

• Retargeting capabilities. For eg, deals shown on email and feed based on popularity and engagement.

• Very cost effective. Offer deep discounts at a fraction of the usual costs and still protect your margins.

• Plus lots more. New features coming soon.

Shoppers and Coupons: A Match Not Made in Heaven


Sad to say, today's shoppers are only third time lucky with online coupon searches

Yes, coupons were meant to be sneaky, but that doesn't mean finding them has to be so difficult and messy. When Coca Cola first introduced coupons, they were sent out to magazines and salesmen and were genuine and always worked. But today, the system is broken. Improperly done coupon marketing are damaging the brand image, customer trust and loyalty ultimately leading to poor ROI. The majority of shoppers today rely on a search engine to scout for discount codes and find best prices just right before completing their purchases. But the poor shopper experience in finding coupons and discounts are not only hurting customers but costing the brands. According to a Forrester retailer study, 52% of retail promotions generate little to no incremental sales, yet 57% of customers want discounts. But shoppers are finding it hard to keep track of the right brand discounts.

Sad to say, today's shoppers are only third time lucky with coupon codes and offers they search for online. Instead, what they mostly find are spammy, clickbait offers and sites that exploit the system to make traffic and money, and sometimes even leave malware on their devices. You can try it yourself. Type any Brand + coupon or a variation into a search engine and see the results. We believe that shoppers and brands should deserve more. It's clear that the gap between bargain-seekers and brands is widening.
Be in Control with Our One-Stop Offers Platform
We aren't the usual deals & coupons site. We’re building a database of brands, small to big, creating a trustworthy discovery platform for shoppers to find the right bona fide offers, saving their time and trouble. Most importantly, we help brands to build trust and credibility. Our goal is to get shoppers to start their deal and coupon searches at SneakQIK to find valid discounts. Let us help you to connect with your target audience, run smart discount campaigns and build your community of deal-seekers & coupon-hunters from your public brand profile. Rank your deals page in search engines like Google to make it even more discoverable and convert better, avoiding cart abandonment and lost sales.
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Hyper-Target Your Deal-Audience
The offers you post, link directly to your site embedded with _utm tags. Your top discounts also automatically show on our homepage feed ranked by engagements. Post coupons, product deals, exclusives and QIK deals. QIK deals are like flash sales that often include a really deep discount and come with a timer that can last for up to 4 days.
QIK Deal

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Personalised Feed & AI Algorithm for Matching Deals
At SneakQIK, you can reach out to your potential buyers with our AI algorithm, which weighs and ranks your brand and offers through multiple signals such as engagement and freshness and shows them to matching deal-lovers by their interests and preferences. SneakQIK is the go-to destination for deal-seekers and coupon-hunters to find the right offers. Build your followers and allow them to keep up to date with your ongoing deals and exclusive discounts in their personalised feed.
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Maximise Your Reach Using Members-Only Coupons
To avail coupon codes at SneakQIK, one has to be a member first. You can also upload low-risk, unique coupon codes in bulk using excel, which helps avoid unnecessary stealing. And when our members click and copy the coupons to avail the offer, we also auto-follow them to your brand. More the followers you build, the better the engagement, which means more conversions and sales.
We've Breathed Discounts for So Long
SneakQIK is a product of AdAvenue Media Pty Ltd, a performance marketing company that has driven over $300 million in sales revenue for partner brands from around 2 million conversions. We ran one of Australia’s oldest coupon sites (established in 2008) called The Bargain Avenue, the no.1 coupons site for many years running, which has now merged with SneakQIK, focusing on a new strategy with the aim of providing the best experience and value for deal-seekers and brands. Over the past 12 years, we've seen all the struggles that brands and shoppers face, and that's why we have launched SneakQIK. The Bargain Avenue has run many partner exclusive offers from various brands such as Woolworths, Coles, Catch, Cotton On, Microsoft, ASOS, Menulog, Bing Lee, Lenovo, and Hotels.com to name a few. Check our Xmas stock up campaign . The Bargain Avenue and its deals have been featured across various news, TV and publications such as Channel 7, Yahoo , News.com.au, Money Magazine, Daily Telegraph, LifeHacker, Triple M, Bandt, Homes to Love, Power Retail, CEO Magazine, Smart Company, Inside Small Business, Anthill, Kidspot and more. AdAvenue Media was also a finalist for the best publisher in Rakuten Marketing's Golden Link Awards 2017 .

Honesty and Transparency at the Core
Our Vision: To build a trustworthy platform of choice for deal-seekers, coupon-hunters and brands, driving the most value through offers.
Our Mission: Empowering brands and deal-seekers alike to make 'offers' worth the effort again.
QIK Setup in less than a minute
No integration needed.
1. To get started, join and post your top offers
2. The better your offers are, more the traffic, sales & ROI
3. Grow your community of deal-seekers & coupon-hunters
4. Extend your reach. Share your offers to grow further.
Some of our Exclusive Partners
Limited Time Offer: Post an Exclusive & Get Free Premium
Want to get all our premium features for free, including getting featured on our newsletter (sent to 35,000 subscribers)? All you need to do is implement atleast one of these options 1. Post a sneaky offer for our members 2. Place our icon or badge on your site (get from your dashboard) 3. Use our deals embedder on your site. Remember, the exclusive offer can be any discount, but it should not be advertised anywhere else. You can either post a new offer each month (can be even valid even for a few days) or it can be an ongoing offer. Remember we also take unique single-use coupon codes (in bulk) - please contact us to upload.
  • A basic deals page for your brand
  • Post 3 offers per month (linked directly to your site)
  • Our SQ icon for you to use on your site, so your shoppers can discover all your best offers in one place
  • Grow your followers at SneakQIK so they can keep track of all your offers in their personalised feed
  • Deals embedder that allows you to embed your deals page within your website in a beautiful grid layout eg, within your promotions page
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FREE $99/mth
  • Click here to find out more on how to qualify* for the FREE Premium
  • Post unlimited offers including bulk unique codes
  • Bio link (SEO-friendly) and header background
  • Featured offer in newsletter each month which goes to 35,000 sneakers
  • Featured offer in homepage and across social platforms like Facebook & Twitter
  • Dashboard with reports for clicks & engagement
  • Trusted partner badge for your website
*Unqualified brands will be moved to Basic
Contact us
  • 1. Affiliate: If you want to partner through your affiliate program on a commission basis please contact us
  • 2. Agencies/Parent company: If you want to manage multiple brands under one account please contact us.
  • 3. Management*: We can manage your page including set up, posting offers and optimisation. Our expert team can work with you closely and offer personalised guidance on helping grow your community, traffic & sales.
*Only qualified brands