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Make it easy for shoppers to discover your valid offers

Our revolutionary AI-powered offers platform* helps you to create a deals page for your brand, allowing deal-seekers and your customers to easily discover all your bona-fide offers, best discounts, coupons and sales in one place, helping you to convert better. Your followers on SneakQIK can also easily keep track of your offers in their personalised offer-feed. Think of your page as your deals hub, to market your offers and acquire new, loyal customers.
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*Mobile App coming this year.
Alleviating the Pain Brands and Shoppers Face


Shoppers distrust clickbait offers
When Coca Cola first introduced coupons, they were sent out to magazines and salesmen. They were genuine and always worked. Sad to say, today's shoppers are only third time lucky with coupon codes. Your customers hunt for offers while finalising purchases after they see the coupon box in your cart. Instead, what they find are spammy offers and sites who make traffic and money from clickbait offers that could even leave malware on their devices. Try it yourself. Type Brand + coupon or a variation into a search engine.
Today's communities lack relevance
Brands are finding it hard to build a community of deal-audience and connect directly with them. And shoppers are not able to keep up to date with offers. The gap between deal-seekers and brands is widening. Today's social media is not built for offers and only a fraction of your followers get feed updates organically unless you choose to pay for ads.
Blanket promotions are expensive
Frequently running public offers on your own site trains your customer base to always expect for discounts. Remember, not everyone needs a discount to buy. According to a Forrester retailer study, 52% of promotions are generating little to no incremental sales, yet 57% of customers want discounts.
Empowering Brands to Run Smarter Discount Campaigns
SneakQIK addresses gaps and pain points brands and deal-seekers face. Think of SneakQIK as a separate channel exclusively for hyper-targeting your discounts, where you can connect with your target deal audience using a segmented, tailored approach. At SneakQIK you can self-serve and take full control of your page. We are building a large, comprehensive database of brands, retailers and online sellers, small to big, culminating into a search engine for shoppers to easily find your bona-fide offers and save their time while helping brands build trust and loyalty. If you’re a brand selling online and have great offers to share, we’d love to have you on board. Drive sales and conversions, by reducing cart abadonment and missed customers.
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Reach Matching Audience, Thanks to Our AI Algorithm
Make your discounts convert better for you. Based on our AI algorithm your brand and offers are weighted and ranked through multiple signals such as engagements, likes, freshness and shown to matching deal-seekers according to their interests and preferences. With members-only coupons, we auto-follow our members to your brand (triggered during purchase intent i.e when coupon is copied). And with our white-labelled iframe embedder you can embed your page within your website in a beautiful grid layout eg, within your promotions page, allowing your customers to always discover all your top offers on one page to convert better.
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About Us
SneakQIK is a product of ADavenue Media Pty Ltd, a digital discount marketing company. With more than 12 years of learning from our previous experience and over $300 million in sales revenue from over 1.5 million conversions for partner brands in the coupons/deals industry, we’ve seen the struggles and multiple pain points that brands and deal-seekers face. That’s why we launched SneakQIK. We ran one of Australia’s oldest coupon websites (since 2008) called The Bargain Avenue, a no.1 digital coupons site for many years running, which has now been merged with SneakQIK, focusing on a new, renewed strategy. Bargain Avenue has helped millions of shoppers save millions of dollars through thousands of coupon codes and exclusive offers we ran for brands such as Woolworths, Coles, Catch, Cotton On, Microsoft, ASOS, Menulog, Bing Lee, Lenovo, Hotels.com to name a few. Our websites, deals and our founder have appeared across various news, TV and media publications such as Channel 7, Yahoo, News.com.au, Money Magazine, Daily Telegraph, LifeHacker, Triple M, Power Retail, CEO Magazine, Smart Company, Inside Small Business, Anthill and more. AdAvenue Media was a finalist for the best publisher in Rakuten Marketing's Golden Link Awards 2017.

Our Vision: To build a trustworthy platform of choice, by honouring the trust of our shoppers and brands of all sizes (big to small), helping them to get the most value out of discounts and coupons and making them worth the effort again.

Our Mission: Empowering brands and shoppers alike, to get the most value out of offers.
How it Works
No integration needed. Offers link to your site embedded with _utm tags.
1. Set up your deals page & add offers
2. Drive traffic, sales & new customers
3. Grow your deals community & followers
4. Reach beyond, share your offers
Get FREE Premium (offer expires 30th June 2022)
We can save your costs provided you pass on the savings to our members. Support our community who love exclusive offers and get loyal, long-standing new customers. We help deal hunters find bona-fide offers, saving them their time and money. Give an exclusive offer to our members and get our premium plan for free plus receive free marketing and additional placements. To avail simply sign up under basic and add your exclusive offer. This can be any discount but it has to be exclusive to SneakQIK members and not advertised anywhere else. We will move you to premium after we approve your offer. You can remain in premium for as long the offer is live for, so an ongoing offer would work the best. Remember, our coupons will be behind login and are only accessible by our members. We can also take unique codes i.e. one-time use vouchers.
Get Started in 2 Minutes
  • A basic deals page for your brand
  • Post 3 offers per month (linked directly to your site). Includes exclusive, coupons & product deals
  • Your best deals on homepage based on the engagement
  • A white-labelled iframe embedder that allows you to embed your page within your website in a beautiful grid layout eg, your promotions page
  • Auto-follow our members to your brand (triggered during purchase intent i.e when coupon is copied)
Get it FREE, see above or $99 /mth
  • All the features in Basic + Premium features
  • Post unlimited offers including QIK deals (comes with a 3-day timer) and unique coupon codes
  • Bio link & header background image
  • QIK deal and exclusive on homepage scroller
  • Dashboard with reports for clicks, impressions & engagement
  • Popular & featured offers in newsletter (75,000+ users)
  • Premium placement opportunities for exclusives
Contact us
  • 1. Management We will manage your page including setting up, posting offers and optimisation. Our expert team can work with you closely and offer personalised guidance helping grow your community, traffic & sales.
  • 2. Affiliate If you want to partner through a performance/partnership/affiliate network on a commission basis
  • 3. Agencies Manage multiple brands under one account.
*Only qualified brands