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All-Natural Energy Bars
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Welcome to The Green Bar Company coupons and offers page. Green Bars are Australian-made, all-natural, delicious, sustaining and nutritious bars! Work, study, snack, hike, bike, exercise - whenever you need that energy boost, Green Bar is a real life-saver! These delicious, energising Green Bars are created for those who are on the go and are looking for a quick, nutritious, clean-energising, great-tasting treat! Our organic garden yields super-nutritious organic leafy greens… silverbeet, kale and broccoli. We dry the greens carefully and blend them, along with nutritious and clean-energizing organic green Yerba Maté leaves, organic peanuts, fresh-ground organic peanut butter, organic oats and more ... along with the healthy sweetness of local honey, barley malt and carob … and there you have it, the best Green Energy Bar that you can find…full of antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll, real clean energy, live vitamins and minerals…full of life and made with love!

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