About SneakQIK
Discovering vegan and plant-based options amid a sea of brands and stores can be overwhelming. Imagine a single platform where people could get a quick sneak peek of everything vegan, even from non-vegan brands that offer vegan options? Welcome to SneakQIK, your go-to vegan, vegetarian and plant-based discovery and tracker platform. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to keep track of the best vegan finds and options from your favorite businesses and stores, all within your personalised feed in one place (mobile app is coming soon).

Re-Launched as a Vegan Site

We made the switch to a full-fledged vegan website in September 2023!

Not a vegan yet?

Time is quickly ticking away for the well-being of our precious planet Earth, which won't last if we continue to rely on animals at a mass scale. Embracing vegan means not only being kinder to animals and your own health, but also being kinder to our mother Earth. Adopting veganism is crucial for a sustainable and climate-friendly future. It empowers individuals to contribute to making this world a better place, promoting sustainability, preserving natural resources, halting deforestation, ending animal exploitation, minimizing the carbon footprint and ultimately saving Mother Earth for our children and future generations. Our logo serves as a powerful reminder of the urgency we face. We must act quickly!

Is plant-based viable?

According to our Australian government's dietary guidelines, Eat for Health , appropriately planned vegan diets are healthy and nutritionally adequate. Also according to our government-owned Healthdirect Australia, the national virtual public health information service, vegan diet helps reduce risk of disease leading to better health outcomes.

Who are we?

SneakQIK is a product of AdAvenue Media Pty Ltd, a performance marketing company. SneakQIK has been featured on TV and media including multiple segments on Channel 9 such as Who do you trust for coupons?, School Holiday Deals, Grocery deals and coupons and other sites like Vegconomist, GreenQueen.

Our other venture, The Bargain Avenue, established in 2008, is one of Australia’s oldest coupon and promo code websites, which has been re-launched as a savings site for eco-friendly and sustainable products, focusing on specific product categories, such as electronics, appliances or utilities as categorizing them as vegan can be challenging due to their nature. The Bargain Avenue held the No. 1 position for many years from 2012 to 2018, partnering with top brands like Woolworths, Coles, Catch, Cotton On, Microsoft, ASOS, Menulog, Bing Lee, Lenovo, and Hotels.com, among others. And over the years, The Bargain Avenue and its deals have been featured across various news, TV and media publications such as the Channel 7 TV -Trusted coupons website and our case study, Yahoo , News.com.au, Money Magazine, Daily Telegraph, LifeHacker, Triple M, Bandt, Homes to Love and more. We were a finalist at Rakuten Marketing's 2017 Golden Link Awards for best publisher and also a nominee for Tech Scale-Up Awards 2023. And our founder has been featured on Yahoo, News.com.au, Channel 7 News, Power Retail, The CEO Magazine, Smart Company, Inside Small Business, Anthill, Latana and many more media.

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Our Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: Empowering plant-based living by contributing to the well-being of humans, animals and planet Earth through kindness.
Vision: To create an all-in-one vegan ecosystem for both vegan consumers and brands, maximizing overall value.

Live in Australia

SneakQIK is currently available only in Australia and we are also looking to bring our platform to the rest of the world.
We hope you like us! If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please contact us here. We value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our product and service.
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