About SneakQIK
Don't we all love hunting for coupons and finding an amazing deal and looking forward to that instant gratification of buying at an exclusive price? What about the moment when you search in Google and find a coupon or deal that promises a discount but only to find out it was a hoax? What about that moment when you enter a coupon code in a cart and the site spits out some weird error messages that make no sense to you? Your built up excitement gone just in a matter of seconds! We’re sure each and every one of you has been through this familiar, frustrating shopping experience.

We’re tired of dodgy coupon codes that don’t work. Coupon fraud and fake coupons hurt shoppers and brands. Coupon scams can also infect your computer and steal your information and identity. That’s why we have launched SneakQIK, a social shopping network that connects brands and deal-seekers directly with authorized deals and coupons that are worth the effort.

The system for targeting, advertising and marketing for deals and offers is often broken because of:

  • Deceptive or spammy coupons
  • Expensive ads and marketing fees which limits margins and discounting
  • Offers and deals on social media that don’t reach the shoppers, organically
  • Legitimate deals that often sit in shoppers’ email boxes unopened
  • Non-incremental sales from public, blanket deals on brands’ own websites
  • Great discounts from small businesses and stores that doesn't reach the masses

These problems decrease margins and ROI for brands, which means they can’t offer their best offers and discounts and they sometimes destroy the trust between shoppers and brands. We want to exist to change this broken system. Our free service gives brands the leeway to offer insane deals and deepest discounts including QIK deals and exclusive offers, while at the same time help preserve their margins, customer trust, and bottom line with respect to their offers. It's a win-win situation for both shoppers and brands.

For Shoppers - Genuine, Exclusive Deals on Shoppers’ Favourite Brands: We want to be the one-stop source for shoppers’ favourite brands, with exclusive coupons, QIK deals, and deep discounts offered directly by brands. Our unique business model means that your favourite brands can post insane deals and discounts, so make sure you follow them for best exclusive and QIK deals you can't find elsewhere.

For Brands - Your Own, Self-Serve, Social 'Deals' Profile for Controllable & More Effective Marketing: Our platform gives brands the chance to create their own free social profile for their deals, offers and coupons and hyper-target the ideal, deal-seeking audience and convert them into your own deal-followers. Build back trust and offer authorized deals and SneakQIK members-only discounts in a pre-selected, exclusive channel. This eliminates or reduces coupon abuse and also the necessity of offering unnecessary discounts to your entire customer base (because not all of your customers will need a deal to buy your product), driving incremental sales and protecting your margin.
We want to be the trusted platform of choice for shoppers and deal seekers who are looking for:
  • A supportive community of like-minded deal-seekers.
  • Exclusive & QIK offers, best-priced products & deep discounts
  • Genuine coupons and deals that work

We want to work with brands and retailers of all sizes to:
  • Help build a social profile for their offers and give full control
  • Build an audience of deal-followers who are primed to buy
  • Cost-effectively showcase all your offers
  • Build brand trust and brand image
  • Connect with your chosen deal-followers & social shoppers

These are big promises, but we’re up to the challenge.

Who are we?
SneakQIK is part of Adavenue Media Pty Ltd, one of the leading discount marketing companies in Australia. AdAvenue Media also operates one of Australia’s oldest discounts and coupons websites called The Bargain Avenue. Over the 12 years that we’ve been in the coupon business, we’ve driven over $300 million in ecommerce sales revenue for thousands of brands and helped millions of shoppers save millions of dollars. Our websites, deals, and founder have appeared on TV and in news and media publications such as Channel 7, Money Magazine Australia, News.com.au, Yahoo, Daily Telegraph, CEO Magazine, Power Retail, LifeHacker, Queensland Times, Adelaide Now, Cairns Post, TripleM and many more.In 2017, we were also a finalist for the best publisher of the year in Rakuten Marketing’s 2017 Golden Link Awards.

How does it work?
We’re revolutionising deals and coupons by connecting brands and shoppers in a new way. Our proprietary custom-built shopping platform, all Australian made is designed exclusively for deals and coupons. It’s based on a cost-effective model that allows brands to offer genuine, deep discounts and drive their ROI at the same time. Here’s what makes us different:

  • Safe, valid deals directly from brands
  • A purpose-built community of deal-seeking shoppers
  • The ability for brands to hyper-target deals to protect margins and ROI
  • Our brands have complete control of their coupons again
  • Deep discounts for shoppers thanks to our cost-effective model
  • Support for all kinds of brands, including small businesses affected by COVID-19