About SneakQIK (Formerly TheBargainAvenue.com.au)
It's a familiar scene - you search for a brand name plus 'coupon' into a search engine, and you're bombarded with coupons, some even promising 50% or 70% off. But when you click on them, you either can't find a code or the codes simply don't work. SneakQIK Australia (pronounced "Sneak Quick"), formerly The Bargain Avenue, is a coupons and deals tracker where you can easily follow your favorite brands (new ones added daily) and keep track of their latest, valid discount codes, secret coupons, QIK deals, exclusive offers and sneak peeks all in one place within your personalized offer-feed. We exist to help shoppers find legitimate coupon codes and offers while enabling brands to gain the trust of their customers. In our world, a cracking bargain is 'QIK' (quick) and short-lived, so don't wait - sneak a bargain while you can, but be quick before it's gone!


We've helped millions of shoppers save millions of dollars, and partner brands drive over $300 million in sales revenue from over 1.5 million tracked conversions through our previous coupons and promo codes website, The Bargain Avenue. Established in 2008, it was one of Australia's oldest and the No.1 for many years running. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, we understand the struggles and pain points that brands and deal-seekers face. That's why we re-launched as SneakQIK, a platform aimed at providing the best experience for deal-seekers and brands alike. Over the years, we've promoted coupon codes, top deals and exclusive offers for popular brands such as Woolworths, Coles, Catch, Cotton On, Microsoft, ASOS, Menulog, Bing Lee, Lenovo, Hotels.com and many more. You can check out some of the exclusive campaigns we have previously collaborated on with several big brands on our Facebook page and here - one of our Xmas campaigns.

As Seen On

SneakQIK has been featured across various news, TV and media publications. As seen on Channel 9 (Who do you trust for coupons? and SneakQIK's grocery coupons),Channel 7 - Warnings over shopping with online coupons, Yahoo , News.com.au, Money Magazine, Daily Telegraph, LifeHacker, Triple M, Bandt, Homes to Love and more. We were a finalist at Rakuten Marketing's 2017 Golden Link Awards for best publisher and also a nominee for Tech Scale-Up Awards 2023. Our founder has been featured on Yahoo, News.com.au, Channel 7 News, Power Retail, The CEO Magazine, Smart Company, Inside Small Business, Anthill, Latana and more.

Live in Australia

SneakQIK is currently available in Australia and we are excited to announce that we have plans to expand into the Indian market in the near future. In addition, we are also looking to bring our platform to the United States and the United Kingdom. Our app, launching soon, will make it even easier to access these coupons on-the-go.

For Retailers

We help deal-seekers and coupon-lovers easily keep track of your valid coupons and exclusive discounts. Our AI powered coupons platform helps you to connect with your target audience and drive ROI on your best discounts. Create your store and post your offers

Only Valid Codes

When Coca Cola first introduced coupons, they were sent out to magazines and salesmen and always worked. Today, however, the majority of shoppers rely on search engines to hunt for elusive discount codes to save extra money, especially after seeing the coupon box in the checkout, just before completing their purchases. But the current system is broken, messy, and disorganised. Sadly, today's shoppers are only successful with the coupon codes they find on their third try. The current search landscape is filled with incorrect and inaccurate coupons, which use attention-seeking discount keywords and callouts such as "50% OFF" and "70% OFF." Many of these coupons are just false promises, leaving you feeling frustrated and defeated. This is not how it was meant to be. How disappointed do you feel when you enter the coupon code in the cart, and the site spits out some weird error messages? All of your excitement just vanishes in a matter of seconds! Try it yourself. Type any brand name + coupon or a variation into a search engine. Mostly you never get those promised discounts. This poor deal-seeking experience is damaging to brands' image, customer trust, and loyalty, ultimately leading to poor ROI. According to a Forrester retailer study, 52% of retail promotions generate little to no incremental sales, yet 57% of customers still want discounts. It's clear that the gap between bargain-seekers and brands is widening. At SneakQIK, we want to change this frustrating shopping experience so shoppers can stop trawling through tons of coupon pages. We want to help shoppers easily find the right, valid offers providing the best deal-seeking experience, while also helping brands build customer trust.
Our Vision
To create a reliable and trustworthy platform for both coupon-hunters and brands of all sizes, by delivering the maximum value through discount codes.
Our Mission
Empowering brands and coupon-seekers alike, by providing valid and valuable discount codes that make coupon hunting worthwhile again.
Our Team
Katt - Founder & Director
Lyly - Director
Hem - Content Lead/ Operations - India
Jay - Tehcnical Lead
Christine - Design Lead
+ other freelancers and consultants
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