Why should I join SneakQIK?
Our deals & coupons tracker is the easiest way to sneak into your favourite brands (new ones added daily) and keep track of coupons, sneaky deals, QIK deals, sneak peek deals, early access offers & cheapest prices in one place within your personalised deals-feed (APP launching soon). And remember that, in our world, a cracking deal is ‘QIK’ (quick) and short lived. So get ready to sneak a bargain, be quick!

While you’re with SneakQIK, we can also each do our part to help minimise coupon spam! Yes, coupons were meant to be sneaky, but that doesn't mean finding them has to be so difficult and messy. We want you to stop trawling through tons of coupon websites that peddle deceptive, fake discounts and sham coupon codes containing useless numbers and letters and attention-seeking keywords like 60%, 70%, 80% off. They’re all just hokum and make you feel tired and give up or just angrily submit your order without a discount.

And we hope you can join us and spread the word about us. The more members we have, the more savings you will enjoy as our power to bargain great deals increases. If you like us, please tell your friends to join us. And also tell the stores you shop from to submit exclusive offers.

What are QIK deals?
In our world, QIK deals are like flash sales or hot deals that end soon. These limited time, short-lived deals often include a really deep discount and last for a few hours up to 4 days. But remember, there are also other deals you'll find here that are not specifically marked as QIK Deal, which may still expire quickly or get sold out. In the future, the time limit could be further reduced, based on the feedback, to make it much more interesting. And with the sneak peek deals, you can find the offers that will be going live before they are available to the public.

What are sneak peek deals?
As the name suggests, sneak peek deals are offers that will be going live in the future. They are usually not disclosed to the public before it goes live officially. (Rememeber, when requested brands reserve the right to remove these offers.)

What are secret coupons?
Coupons that are not publicly promoted in the retailer's or brand's website. They are hidden. (Rememeber, when requested brands reserve the right to remove these offers.)

Who started SneakQIK?
We aren't a completely new site. Our company AdAvenue Media Pty Ltd ran one of Australia’s oldest coupon websites (established in 2008), called The Bargain Avenue. We have merged The Bargain Avenue with SneakQIK, focusing on a new strategy that addresses the struggles and multiple pain points we have seen in the deals and offers industry over the years. More about us

Which country is it available for?
SneakQIK is currently live in Australia, and expansion plans are already underway for the Indian market. Other markets including US, and UK will follow.

Does it cost anything for businesses?
Our basic plan is always free and the self-serve premium plan is free if you submit an exclusive offer, so take advantage of it. If you’re after a managed option where we do your set up and post offers on your behalf, we can do that as well, please contact us. We’re building a large, comprehensive database of brands and retailers - small to big, although we are more focused on online brands at the moment. The bottom line is we want to share great discounts here and drive value for shoppers and brands alike. At SneakQIK we help brands to save on their marketing costs, so they can pass on the savings to our members. It's a win-win situation for both shoppers and brands. We want to help brands to grow their community of deal-seekers and followers and drive incremental sales. If you’re a brand selling online and have a great offer to share, we’d love to have you on board. Join here for FREE

I'm a merchant with an affiliate program, how do we join?
Brands basically have two options here at SneakQIK. 1. Self-serve 2. Managed. If you want to leverage your affiliate program, you can choose the managed option, where we help you to manage your deals page and post your affiliate offers. However, we can only manage a limited number of affiliated brands due to limited resources - although we are trying to automate a lot of the tasks including pulling offers from the affiliate feed. Depending on the brand suitability, we may ask you to self-serve. Remember, with the self-serve option, we usually don't allow to add third party links or affiliate links, as it can get messy (such as if someone else tries to impersonate the merchant to make commissions illegally). Please contact us to talk about your options. If you are an existing affiliate merchant and want to self-serve using the subscription option please contact us to claim. Our self-serve plan is cheap, so we hope you can pass on those savings to our members instead.

How do we make money?
We are committed to offering our members a free service. For brands, whether small or big, our basic plan is always free and the premium plan is free if they submit an exclusive offer. For many other brands, at no cost, we have created their basic brand pages for free to help them build their presence on SneakQIK, so our members can save. For other brands we utilise their affiliate program to promote their offers, and so we may receive a commission on purchases made through those affiliate links. Although, these brands do have the option to choose our free service whenever they want to in the future. And running this site is very expensive. We are currently self-funded with minimum resources. Our sophisticated platform cost a lot to develop in Australia, and the maintainence costs are also very high. There are still a lot of great features that are in the pipeline and unfinished. Our mission is to help brands and shoppers to get the most value out of discounts. These above revenues will help us to keep running and investing on resources to carry out our mission and improve our service to you.

I've got feedback, can I share?
We hope you like us! We highly value your feedback and appreciate your time in helping us improve our product and service to you in the future. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please contact us here . We are currently in beta, and we have some great ideas and features in the pipeline, but always appreciate more. Keep an eye out, we’re hoping to release some more features soon.