How can shoppers submit vegan offers and products?
If you're a shopper and want to submit an offer or a new vegan product in the market, please share it in our Aussie Vegan Deals & Coupons (AV/DC) Facebook group . Later, we may also add the offer to the store/brand page on our site, if it already exists in our SneakQIK database. In the future, we plan to enable shopper submissions directly on this website.

How can businesses submit vegan offers and products?
If you're a brand, store, or restaurant (in major cities) with a vegan offer or a new vegan product to share, we'd love to welcome you aboard! You can claim your brand or store page and take control if it already exists; just do a quick search on our website and get in touch with us. If not, you can easily join our platform for a small monthly fee and set up your business to start sharing your vegan specials, products, vouchers, and offers. We're committed to creating a comprehensive database of vegan brands and retailers, from small to big. We want to help vegan businesses grow their community of followers and drive incremental sales.Click here to join and create your profile and post offers . If you represent a non-vegan brand, that's perfectly fine, but please ensure that the products or offers you submit align with vegan standards.

Why am I still finding some non-vegan products on the site?
We apologise for any inconvenience. Prior to our relaunch as a vegan platform in September 2023, we featured a wide range of brands, including non-vegan ones, and had thousands of deals listed. We are actively working to remove these non-vegan offers. Occasionally, Google may still display our older, non-vegan deals in search results. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

How can I be a moderator?
We're seeking assistance to ensure our store pages stay current with the latest offers and products. We're on the lookout for moderators who align with our mission. If you're interested in becoming a moderator for your favorite stores and brands, please get in touch with us, and we can discuss further.

Are all offers and products 100% vegan?
We strive to ensure that all offers and products listed are vegan. However, we acknowledge that mistakes can happen, and we are committed to rectifying any errors and continuously improving. If you come across anything that doesn't align with our vegan standards, please inform us so that we can take corrective action. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain our commitment to a vegan lifestyle.
In certain product categories, for eg, laptops or appliances, categorizing them as vegan can be challenging due to their nature. In such cases, we may highlight the most sustainable options. While veganism remains a priority, we think it's also crucial to emphasize the importance of choosing greener and eco-friendly products.

What are QIK Deals?
QIK Deals, as we refer to them, are special offers that have a time limit and expire within three days.

What are secret coupons?
Secret coupons refer to hidden coupons or savings that are not publicly promoted or shown on the retailers' websites.

Who started SneakQIK?
AdAvenue Media Pty Ltd. We ran one of Australia’s oldest coupon websites (established in 2008), called The Bargain Avenue.

I'm a merchant with an affiliate program, how do we join?
Please contact us.

How do we make money?
SneakQIK relies on funding to operate and sustain its services, which can be quite expensive. Currently, we are self-funded with limited resources. Our advanced platform was developed in Australia, incurring significant costs for both development and ongoing maintenance. While we offer free services to our members, we depend on revenue from various sources to continue delivering these services and further enhancing our offerings. To support our operations, SneakQIK may earn a small commission on purchases made through select affiliate links. Additionally, some stores contribute to our vegan mission and sustainability by paying a monthly subscription fee. Furthermore, our team also features certain brands and stores at no cost, solely based on the exceptional value of their deals.

I've got feedback, can I share?
We hope you like us! We highly value your feedback and appreciate your time in helping us improve our product and service to you in the future. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please contact us here . We are currently in beta, and we have some great ideas and features in the pipeline. Keep an eye out, we’re hoping to release some more features soon.

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