Oh, please for goodness' sake why another deals and coupons site?
We totally get it. But wait, let us explain.
QIK answer: We want you to stop trawling through those tons of coupon websites in the search engines that peddle deceptive discounts and sham coupon codes containing useless numbers and letters and attention-seeking keywords like 60%, 70%, 80% off - which are all just hokum - the process of which makes you tired and give up at the end or submit your order with frustration.
Not-so-QIK answer: When Coca Cola first introduced coupons, they were sent out to magazines and customers. They were genuine and always worked. As the internet grew, paper coupons turned into internet coupon codes filled with secret characters. And this is where the problems began. Dodgy and untrustworthy deal and coupon websites have learnt to outsmart the system to make money and traffic from the bottom of the funnel searches by promoting misleading, fake and deceptive offers. Everyone loves hunting for discounts after seeing the coupon box in the checkout while finalising our purchases, in the hopes of saving extra money. But finding authorised discounts has never been more difficult than it is now. The current search landscape is mostly filled with spammy offers that never give the discount as promised. We want to exist to change this familiar, frustrating shopping experience and have the good old days of discounts back. We felt something needs to be done. That's why we launched SneakQIK. Besides we want to help brands to run effective discounts campaigns saving them money so we can pass on the savings to shoppers like you.

Why should I join SneakQIK?
QIK answer: So we can make this the last coupon site you'll ever need and save your precious time and money.
Not-so-QIK answer: Our personalised offer-feed provides the easiest way to follow and sneak into your favourite brands (new ones added daily) to keep track of their legit, valid deals, coupons and special offers. We strive to provide deal-seekers and coupon-hunters the best shopping experience. Our goal is to culminate into a coupon search engine and get you to start your deal and coupon searches at SneakQIK to save the most on your everyday shopping. More the members, better the savings as we will have more bargaining power to source big savings for you and everyone. We hope we can count on you to join us. Please help us spread the word - tell your friends and also the stores you shop from to join us. For brands, our AI powered deals & coupons platform helps you to grow your ideal community of deal-audience and followers and drive incremental sales. If you’re are a brand selling online and have a great offer to share, we’d love to have you on board. And while you are in, we can together do our part to make a change and help fight coupon spam!

Who started SneakQIK?
We aren't completely a new site. Our company ADavenue Media Pty Ltd, ran one of Australia’s oldest coupon websites (since 2008) called The Bargain Avenue. We have merged The Bargain Avenue with SneakQIK, focusing on a new, renewed strategy addressing the struggles and multiple pain points we have learnt over the years. More about us

Does it cost anything for businesses?
Our basic plan is always free. And for a limited time, our self-serve premium plan is free if you can submit an exclusive offer, so take advantage of it. If you are after a managed option including setting up and posting offers on your behalf, we can do it for a small fee. We are building a large, comprehensive database of brands and retailers - small to big, although we are more focussed on online brands at the moment. Join here for FREE

I'm a merchant with an affiliate program, how do we join?
You have two options - 1. Self-serve 2. Managed. But please contact us so we can advise whether we are able to manage your brand page and offers. We can only take in limited number of affiliate brands that we can manage as we are a small team - although we are trying to automate a lot of the stuff including pulling offers from affiliate feed (and we're even thinking of pulling in offers from facebook and insta feeds). If we are not able manage your page, we may just ask you to self-serve, but please remember, we don't allow affiliate links with this option as it can get messy like if someone tries to impersonate to make money. At SneakQIK we help brands to save their marketing costs, so it would be great you pass on those savings to our members instead. Also with a market best exclusive affiliate offer, we can even work for 0% commissions, so let's talk.

I've got a feedback, can I share?
We hope you like us! We highly value your feedback and appreciate your time in helping us improve our product and service to you in the future. If you have any feedback you would like to share please contact us here . We are currently in beta and we have some great ideas and features in the pipeline to improve the product and the user experience. Keep an eye out, we are hoping to release it soon.