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One of Australia's fastest growing health insurers
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** Follow and track nib Health at SneakQIK and get a sneak peek of all new and upcoming nib Health coupons, QIK deals (flash sales) and best deals ** ABOUT nib Health: A health partner supporting you to live health first. nib Health releases timely promotions and special offers on health and travel insurances. Enjoy exclusive benefits when you join GreenPass membership like bonus months, extra covers, free add-ons, etc.

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nib Health Discount Codes and QIK Deals (Flash Deals). No Spam!

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What kind of discounts and savings can we expect from nib Health?


- GreenPass discounts
- Health and Travel insurance options
- Save on health and wellness
- Rewards

Can I avail GreenPass for Free?


Yes, Basic GreenPass is FREE without any trial period. You can change or cancel whenever you like.


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