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** Follow and track Remitly at SneakQIK and get a sneak peek of all new and upcoming Remitly coupons, QIK deals (flash sales) and best deals ** ABOUT Remitly: Send money online faster and more securely with Remitly, and discover great exchange rates and low transfer fees. Remitly allows you to track money transfer and sends status updates for you and your recipient. Remitly gives discounts on service fees such as promotional rates for new customers, first transfer discount, referral rewards. Also, Remitly offer codes will give you an additional discount like $10, $5 OFF when entered while transferring.

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    Sad to say, today's customers are only third time lucky with 'Remitly' coupon codes they find online. With attention-seeking discount keywords and callouts - 50% OFF, 70% OFF etc., many of these coupons are just hokum, making you feel frustrated and give up at the end. At SneakQIK, we want strive to help you keep track of the right, valid 'Remitly' voucher codes so you can stop trawling through tons of coupon pages. Mobile App coming soon.

    Remitly Discount Codes and QIK Deals (Flash Deals). No Spam!

    Last Modified: 26-Feb-2022

    Where can I find latest Remitly offer codes?


    The latest and active Remitly offer codes are carefully curated and added to this page. At SneakQIK, you can find exclusive partner offers from time to time. 


    Why choose Remitly?


    - Track your money transfer
    - Safe and secure
    - Every money transfer carries a delivery promise.
    - Get cash from over 100,000 locations nationwide.

    Does Remitly offer referral discount?

    Give your friend $15, earn $15 yourself when you refer a friend.

    Does Remitly give a new customer offer code?


    Yes, any new customer offers you’re eligible for will be automatically applied to your first transfer.