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Teelixir incorporates ancient systems of healing into consciously crafted formulas, whole herb and superfood products to restore balance to our systems, increase vitality, essence, creativity, mental acuity, sexual power, and harmonic states of wellbeing that promote radiant health in all areas of one’s life. Our delicious medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbal blends are easy and convenient to consume at home, the office, before and after workouts, or while on the go. Teelixir products are created with the highest integrity and shared with the deepest love. We do not compromise our value to source the best quality ingredients available. Our products represent the culmination of over five thousand years of consistent cultural use and medicinal research, and their development was created to meet the goals of the most discerning of health seekers. The Teelixir brand is a lifestyle movement dedicated to empowering our global culture to make the most health-conscious choices. Our vision and the intention of our products is to serve as transformative tools that restore balance and align one with their highest purpose of living, providing you with the power to create and manifest the very best version of yourself. We live to promote health and longevity within our global community, we’re devoted to helping develop human potential through the use of the most nutritious, powerfully charged, and life-altering foods in the world.

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